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Article overview of how to get a ps4 for free:


PS4 Giveaway contest

PS4 Giveaway contest

We have written this article to guide you on how to get a PS4 for free from companies offering them as giveaway, meanly for brand promotions, we only look for those with good reputation, so at the end be sure to receive a PS4 for free if you happen to be one of their chosen winners, this is our website and no contest is being hosted directly by us, as mentioned before we personally find and add new contest to the list and share to our visitors like you.

Why we started this website about ps4 giveaway contest and what we gain

This all started when i bought a ps4 for my daughter and on our way for family vocation, her ps4 drop down on the way and got broken, i didn’t expect such a disappointment from her as i saw and at that point i couldn’t get my hands on some cash to buy some, so to stop her from disturbing, i told her i will enter a contest online and if i win, she takes it and if i don’t win, then i’ll buy one for her (just to buy time while i get some cash).

i really didn’t believe i can really win, i just wanted to buy some time and make her stop crying without promising her i’ll buy it, so i searched on a website and found a list of contest providers (for brand promotions etc), sign up to one of them and fortunately i won and it was shipped within the week because it was hosted in the united state and moreover in the same state we live in, the little black box was sent and i received it and put a smile on my daughter’s face again, that’s where the decision to make an awesome blog like this came up, i’m not a web building guru etc but this can help you get what you want.

Where i get PS4 giveaway contests ?

Its pretty simple, i have a premium subscription on a website where this contest providers come and share them in other for affiliates to use and promote their brand, what i do is, i go directly to the contest provider’s website and copy the contest page, then put it into the system, the system will automatically redirect you to a contest in your city if available, if not it will look in your state, if its not available in your state then it will give you a contest in your country, else if your country does not have any available contest of PS4 at the moment, it will send you to related contest (yes related, like other giveaways of which we will mention in later post).

we hope this can help you get a free ps4 console for you and your love once.

to participate to this contest, you can go directly to our contest page, enter your email address to participate or click the link bellow to participate without your email address.

Participate in ps4 giveaway contest
Participate in ps4 giveaway contest