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We have multiple PS4 (Playstation 4) Giveaway contest, each contest has his own rules and regulations depending on the country of the contestants. we are not the direct contest host, we only search or receive PS4 giveaway Contests from companies making out giveaways, some require only your email address in other for you to participate in the giveaway, some require you to subscribe to a mobile carrier billing plan in other to participate for a chance to win a ps4, each has its own rules but we remove strick contest, it has to be simple.

Our job is to make sure the contest are real then we share them here, what you are expected to do is to check the terms and conditions are participate for a chance to win, once you win, we will be pleased to know so that we can add the rank of the contest provider on our website so more people could be able to win as well.

Why we share PS4 Giveaway contest

It all started way back in 2014 when my little bro wanted a PS4 for birthday and at that particular moment i had no cash to buy him a playstaion 4. so i decided to participate in some giveaways i found on youtube, after search and joining many giveaways, i ended up with nothing, but then i found one article that has some useful information of how to get things for free online, i don’t remember how i got to the article or where i found it or where it is now but i do know that from the article i found a unique method on how to win ps4.

 Where to participate in a PS4 giveaway contest

We have collected the contests and have made an app to automatically redirect you to a contest in your area base on your ip address, so everything will be automatic and you will be taken to the page where you participate to win a ps4 gaming package. so just to our how to win a ps4 gaming package page and subscribe to enter contest or subscribe anywhere on our website and you will be taken to the contest page.

Why participate in ps4 giveaway contest through us ? 

We are with you, we don’t host the contest and if any contest provider is not worth trying, we too will be very much willing to remove them from the list, we are not trying to monetize you or so, we are not the people giving away ps4, we want legit giveaway just as you too want them, we want you coming back to our blog and the only way to do that is to make sure you  win a ps4 from any of  the contest. if that is not enough reasons then: 

5 Reasons you should participate

  1. The contest we provide are not personal contest made by an individual, meaning MANY WINNERS are chosen at the same time not just one winner !
  2. You have bigger chances to win, when you enter the contests through us.

  3. We are with you, its a real contest and you can easily win !

  4. We always have contest available !. but limited to certain locations, for instant we might have a contest that is only available to USA citizens, so people from UK will not participate, but we have contests for many countries at all times.
  5.  We are always in the search for new reputable PS4 Giveaway contest and we make sure they are FREE to participate. so subscribe joyfully we are with you, we can’t spam you. we only send new contest by mail when available !.

What others are saying about us:

Shelly Weber I though i was the only winner for last week’s contest. since they give many PS4 i was lucky enough to win one as well. Thanks for sharing the site to us lol ! (Publicly on our facebook page)

Judith J. Fisher Thanks for the sharing real contest to us, i won last week’s contest and i just received the PS4 Today. its for my son’s birthday Gift. Thanks very much chao ! (Publicly on our facebook page)

Tyler L. Nottingham Hello dude thanks for the share, just wanted to let you know that i won and have received the gaming package today, will be using it for my youtube gaming channel. (Sent privately by mail)

We hope you are the next person to send a review

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Participate in ps4 giveaway contest